Plague Inc

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It's up to you to infect all of humanity


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Plague Inc. is a strategy game where our objective is to infect all of humanity with a fatal virus, starting with a strain developed in our own patient zero.

How to play the game? Well, first we need to figure out how we want our virus to develop, choosing different pathogens and symptoms in order to affect the global population. We will end up with tons of different diseases at our disposal.

Okay, now what? We don't just focus on developing our disease into the most lethal possible; we also need to try and get it to spread through all five continents in the most effective possible manner. We're trying to wipe out all human life - country by country.

On a visual level, the game is not especially impressive because it is based almost entirely on menus and simple interfaces. Still, the design is very clean and it is a real pleasure to move between the menus.

Plague Inc. is an entertaining game which may prove a little challenging with the first few tries. One we figured it out, we found it to be a captivating game that kept us hooked for hours.
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